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Pixwoo is a dedicated meeting place where anyone, from casual to serious gamer, can endlessly share their experience and passion. At the same time, Pixwoo is also a unique network that allows you to directly connect with the most world renowned Youtubers, streamers and Pro gamers.

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See everything you like in the world of gaming in real time on your Pixwoo feed: news and exclusive videos from Pros you follow, photos and scores from games you're a fan of, activity in your groups, and, last but not least, your friends' posts, photos and videos.

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with the Pixwoo Mix!

See the Pixwoo community's activity at a glance, including the latest posts, photos and videos. And discover the top 100 most active groups, games and Pros.

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Fill in your player profile with your favorite games, your consoles and your gamertags to get your Pixwoo DNA. This will allow you to easily meet similar Pixwoo members and develop your very own Gamer network.

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Keep in touch

with your network

Pixwoo messaging allows you to chat privately with your friends. You can share your photos and videos in complete privacy and continue your conversation at any time.

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Pixwoo alerts you when a Youtuber or Pro gamer you follow posts information or exclusive videos. You'll also be notified in real time when you have a friend request, suggestion from your network or when a member mentions you in a post.

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your group or your Pro page

With Pixwoo, you can create and manage your groups and share your favorite content with your community. And if you're a professional or gaming personality, it's the ideal place to create and manage your page, as well as communicate with your fans and followers.

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